Small Groups Studies

Bible Study is open to anyone on Tuesdays at 11 am and Wednesdays at 6 pm. Class topics are the same for both meetings and is appropriate for Bible beginners or scholars. 

Several Sunday morning small groups meet at 10 am each week. There's a place for you. We invite you to try out a few different classes to find the best fit. 

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Otterbein Class

Adult Class
Teacher: Larry Thompson
Location: Church Library
The Otterbein Class meets every Sunday morning with lively discussions about their Bible lesson. They use the “Christian Life Series” by the Union Gospel Press. They might be considered the “Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the church”. They enjoy studying their lesson and greeting each other each Sunday.

Disciples Class

Adult Class
Teacher: Dean Fisher
Location: Conference Room
The Disciple class meets every Sunday morning. They are a group of adults that have enjoyed learning the Bible. They work intensely on their Bible studies. 

Travelers Class

Adult Class
Teacher: Dallas Wallen
Location: Downstairs in the new addition, 1st door on the right
The Travelers class is comprised of adults who like to discuss the “Word” and grow spiritually. They recently studied “Think, Act, Believe Like Jesus” by Randy Frazee. 

Pastor's Class

Adult Class
Teacher: Rotation of Members
Location: Upstairs from the Fellowship Hall, 1st door on the back wall.
The “Pastor’s Class” is called just that because it was originally taught by the pastor. They are currently studying the book “Think, Act, Believe Like Jesus” by Randy Frazee. It is a DVD series that they enjoy and complete with discussion. 

Sothenol Class

Adult Class
Teacher: Dick Waybright
Location: Upstairs from the Fellowship Hall, 2nd door on the back wall.
The Sothenol Class is comprised of adults eager to learn God’s word. They meet each Sunday morning and have a discussion on their lesson. One of their projects each year is to send a “Care Package” to college students during the week of their finals. 

Voyagers Class

Young Adult Class
Teacher: Mike Wilt
Location: Upstairs from the Fellowship Hall, back wall, the door on the right.
The Voyagers Class is comprised of young adults who are single, married and some that are parents. Sometimes you will see a baby or two join the class. They enjoy discussing the Word and how it applies to their lives. 

9th-12th Grade High School 

Teacher: Tina Cunningham
Location: In the new addition on the first floor, 3rd door on the left.
These teens are busy working on several community service projects such as the Coat/Clothing drive, backpack program for schools, and the sleeping bag program for the homeless. They meet on Sunday  mornings to study the Bible and make it a part of their lives. Their lessons incorporate how they can live a Christian life as a teen in this ever changing world.

6th- 8th   Grade Middle School 

Teacher: Jimmy Groves
Location:  Downstairs in the new addition in the church. It is the 2nd door on the right.
The pre-teens and teens in this class are taught Bible lessons with application to their everyday lives. Their teacher, Jimmy Groves is also the youth leader for our Youth Program that meets on Sunday evenings.  The youth group has devotions and Bible lessons and also some fun activities such as volleyball, hayrides, etc. They also work on community service projects as well.

3rd-5th Grade 

Teacher: Kara Greathouse
Location: The first floor of the new addition of the church. It is the 1st door on the left in the hallway.
The children who are entering the 3rd Grade receive a Bible for their own from the church. The 3rd, 4th & 5th grade kids study their Bible lessons with their teacher with the Sunday School material provided. They are at the age that it is very important to move on their spiritual path. They incorporate fun ideas that help them to learn about the Bible and make the steps to salvation a part of their life.

1st & 2nd Grade 

Teacher: Cinda Francis
Location:The first floor of the new addition of the church. It is the 2nd door on the left in the hallway.
The 1st and 2nd Grade children have a lot of fun working with each other and their teacher to grow in their spiritual understanding.


Teachers: Greg, Denise and Stephanie Thomas
Location: At the bottom of the stairs coming from the sanctuary. When you enter the Kindergarten room you are welcomed by a bright and inviting environment. Children ages 4-6 attend this class the year before they enter Kindergarten and the year they are in Kindergarten. The children experience Bible lessons and enriching activities. Learning Bible verses is made fun by incorporating games to help them learn and understand.


Teachers: Joyce Groves, Jessie Thompson, Janet Hall
The Nursery Class is comprised of children ages 15 months to 4 years. Children are taught in a play environment involving many enriching activities including hands on experiences. Their Bible lessons are incorporated into their level of spiritual understanding. Through music, dance (with streamers and scarves) stories, crafts, and prayer, the children are given a good beginning to understand the scriptures and their spiritual growth.